Flash Friends is a backstage pass to the Central and Eastern European contemporary art world.

Our club wants to turn the spotlight on the cutting-edge artists and galleries from this region and guide our members in this field of the art world.

Flash Friends lays great store by high professional quality and freshness, the distinctive East European outlook and youthful energy that can provide something new to eyes that have grown tired with Western trends. 

Flash Friends is a vibrant, open club and that entertains and stimulates young, urban audiences, novice art buyers and seasoned collectors alike.



Our members receive invitations to exclusive Flash Friends happenings, stories from cutting-edge galleries and artists from CEE & unlimited one-on-one art advising.


Gold members receive: 

  • Budapest based network events

  • Bimonthly newsletter about the members’ interview, artist, gallery

  • Guided tours of specific exhibitions or museums

  • Studio visits

  • Full access for Flash Show VIP programs

  • Additional program: Art events preview/ tour/ visits in the CEE region


Platinum members receive:

  • All Gold level events

  • Cocktails / dinners in special “art-related locations”

  • Professional and individual art advisory

  • Collection building and collection management