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acb (HU)


Acb Gallery was founded in 2003 to represent contemporary and Hungarian neo-avant-garde art, both on the Hungarian and the international scene. Until 2009, the gallery’s program was focusing on the artistic practice of the generation that emerged in the 1990s in Hungary and mostly worked with non-traditional media. With a new management, the gallery has been extending its portfolio since 2009 with neo-avant-garde, emerging and international artists and has been positioning itself on the international art-scene. In 2013, acb opened its second exhibition space named acb Attachment, followed by a third space in 2016. In 2015 the gallery launched acb ResearchLab, a non-profit institute that focuses on the research and publication of Hungarian neo-avant-garde and post-avant-garde oeuvres. Throughout its research and wide exhibition activity, acb has played a key role in extending knowledge of the 1960s’ and 1970s’ Hungarian art, as well as in reviewing and completing the existing canon.  

acb (HU)

Aetopoulos (GR)


Aetopoulos was founded during the summer of 2016 by Greek born, New York based artist Alex Eagleton as a direct and personal response to the economic crisis.  From there the program continues to materialize in the form of an exchange between international and Greek artists. We collaborate with galleries, guest curators and project spaces from all over.

Aetopoulos (GR)

Easttopics (HU)


Easttopics aims at mapping and providing more visibility to protagonists of the Eastern European art life, should they be artists, art professionals, institutions, events or publications. It also wishes to act as a dynamic platform fostering connections, exchanges, community building, and cooperations for both practice-based and research-based projects on a local, regional, and international level.  


Everybody Needs Art / ENA Viewing Space (HU)


Everybody Needs Art [ENA] is a hybrid gallery system showcasing contemporary art internationally.
The mission of ENA is to integrate contemporary art into everyday life in a variety of ways and forms.
At the same time ENA represents and manages carefully selected artists by giving them opportunities to exhibit their work internationally in a wide variety of formats at the most distinguished venues.
Throughout the year the ENA Viewing Space, located on a rooftop in Budapest, features exhibitions of contemporary work from these selected artists.

Easttopics (HU)
Everybody Needs Art (HU)
Eugster || Belgrade (SRB)

Eugster || Belgrade (SRB)

Eugster || Belgrade was founded in 2017. The gallery presents contemporary art from the south-east of Europe. The gallery explores the diverse local identities in dialog with international artistic practices, global events and urgent topics.

MUNDANE_2019_curator Natalija Paunic_gro

Glassyard (HU)

Glassyard Gallery represents and shows Hungarian and international artists, fosters collaborations between for-profit galleries and independent curators. With a solid presence in Budapest, the Gallery aims to further develop the international visibility of the represented artists through cooperation with galleries and institutions outside Hungary. Glassyard Gallery is intending to be a venue of an intensive exchange of ideas, reflections and critical positions and aspires to be a place inspiring artists and the audience with an impact on the public discourse. The exhibition program is based on the curatorial practice that encourages close collaborations with the artists and through the solo and group exhibitions it provides a supportive ambiance for artistic experiments. Glassyard Gallery was founded by Barnabás Bencsik, curator and former director of Ludwig Museum, Budapest and Tünde Csörgő in September 2017. The gallery venue is located in the heart of the town on the first floor in a spacious four-room flat of a late 19th-century building of Budapest. 


hunt kastner (CZ)


hunt kastner is a contemporary art gallery in Prague that was established in 2006 by Camille Hunt and Katherine Kastner in response to a need for more professional representation of Czech artists both locally and abroad. At the time the gallery was founded there was no established tradition of commercial galleries in the Czech Republic presenting an international program and supporting the production and exhibition of new contemporary work, or who actively represented and promoted artists’ work abroad. Today, hunt kastner is a well-known presence in the international art world, presenting a high-quality program in Prague, as well as at prestigious art fairs around the world.  With a roster of seventeen artists, the gallery works with some of the best and most innovative artists of their generation.

9-hunt kastner, view from the exhibition

Kogo (EST)


Kogo is a contemporary art gallery representing outstanding emerging and mid-career Estonian and international artists. Kogo’s aim is to help the artists with their international visibility and to create professional contacts as well as support their artistic freedom, interdisciplinarity, and freshness in ideas. The gallery’s program is focused on artists’ solo projects, curatorial projects, and exhibitions born out of cooperation between artists. Kogo gallery is located in Tartu, Estonia. 

2_Equilibrium Delay. Curated by Kaisa Ma
Glassyard (HU)
hunt kastner (CZ)
Kogo (EST)

Polansky (CZ)


Polansky Gallery is one of few Czech galleries working internationally on a constant quality level. Its mission has been to enforce Czech and Central-European art in the international context. On the other hand, the aim is also to introduce interesting and various positions of the international art in Prague. The gallery collaborates with both young and established artists working with all media.

Polansky (CZ)

Propaganda (PL)


Propaganda is a Warsaw-based contemporary art organisation dedicated to producing and promoting art created by both well established and emerging artists, and also active in the field of publishing and film production/distribution. For more than ten years it has been one of the most important institutions in Warsaw, contributing to polish art landscape among others by co-creating Warsaw Gallery Weekend - one of the biggest annual art events in the CEE region, as well as organising many art exhibitions and multidisciplinary projects. Propaganda is run by Jacek Sosnowski.




RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Ljubljana. Founded by Piera Ravnikar in 2017, the gallery’s mission is to open up new dialogues between visual artists and the public. R — s p a c e provides a venue for a thriving community of established and emerging artists, representing a broad range of creative practices and media.

​Zahorian & Van Espen (CZ,SK)

ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN is a contemporary art gallery based in Prague /Czech Rep/ and Bratislava /Slovakia/. Since its foundation in 2011, it has become one of the leading galleries in the region, representing both established artists and emerging talent. By establishing a strong portfolio and distinctive curatorial approach, the gallery seeks to connect local artists with the global art scene, showcasing their work not only in its gallery spaces but also at international art fairs. The gallery also closely collaborates with other European, US-based galleries. In addition to its rich exhibition program, the gallery is dedicated to supporting the production of art works and publishing activities, focusing on catalogues and monographic publications dedicated to individual artists. In doing so, the gallery cooperates with international curators from France, UK, Italy, and USA. 

Moreover, the gallery offers a variety of public lectures and professional initiatives to promote contemporary art, thus playing a central role in the broader cultural landscape of the Central European region. 

Propaganda (PL)
​Zahorian & Van Espen (CZ, SK)
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